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Money Gun — episode 33

1.  What does Jackford tell Nils about his horse?

2.  What does Sanderson ask Jackford?

3.  Why does Jackford go after him?

4.  What does Lucas say about Oat?

5.  What does Lucas tell Sanderson when he was complaining?

6.  What does the sign over the livery say?

7.  How does King greet Lucas?

8.  What surprises Micah?

9.  What is the money it takes to hire King and who is his target?

10. What does Tom King tell Lucas he acts like?

11. Why is Lucas waiting outside town?

12. What does Oat say to Tom King?

13. What does Mark say that angers Lucas?

14. What won’t Oat do?

15. What does he do to Tom?

16. What happens to Tom?

17. When does Lucas say Oat will die?

18. Bert Freed played Oat Jackford in this episode of The Money Gun. Bert Freed was in another episode of The Rifleman, can you name it?

19. How many actors played Nels/Blacksmith?

20. Who was the creator of The Rifleman? He wrote The Sharpshooter and Home Ranch and he also wrote & directed The MarshalThe Boarding HouseThe Money GunThe Babysitter

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