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A Matter of Faith — episode 34

1.  What has hit North Fork?
A severe drought

2.  What does Mark tell Lucas?
The well is down to 8 or 9”

3.  What does Mark suggest to Lucas?
He could save water by not washing up

4.  Why doesn’t he want to put on a clean shirt?
He only has one “go-to-meeting” left

5.  What does Mark do by jumping off the wagon?
Bumped into an old man carrying candy

6.  How much does the railroad pay?
$3 a day and keep

7.  What time commitment must be made?
One year

8.  What is the old man’s name?

9.  What does he do and where is he from?
He finds water, from Vermont

10. What does Lucas not believe in water witching?
His family paid one and didn’t get any water

11. How long did Lucas’ ma go without a new dress?
3 years

12. What does Lucas tell Mark to do?
Save your breath for your soup

13. When does Borden want Jonas to be at his place?
Tomorrow morning to give water witching a try

14. What does Mark brag to Mr. Jonas about?
Pa’s cornbread

15. What part of dinner did Mark grow?
The beans

16. What meat were they eating for the first time in two months?
Deer meat

17. What wood does Jonas usually use to water witch?

18. What wood is Jonas trying for this part of the country?

19. After it starts to rain, what does Lucas ask Mark for?
A piece of candy

20. Royal Dano played Jonas Epps the rain maker in this episode of A Matter of
. He appeared in several episodes of The Rifleman, can you name how many & the titles of those episodes?
5A Matter of FaithA Case of IdentityHonest AbeThe Sheridan StoryDay of Reckoning

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