The Rifleman
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Blood Brother
— episode 35

1.  What does Lucas stop to check and what does he find?

2.  What does the rider tell him?

3.  What does Doc tell Lucas to get?

4.  Who follows Lucas into Doc’s office?

5.  What does Lucas tell Mark is really very simple when he let Mark stay in the doctors office?

6.  What does Micah say when he sees the man?

7.  What medical procedure does Doc want to try and who offered to help?

8.  What is Micah’s advice?

9.  How long has Micah been in law enforcement?

10. Who do Lucas and Mark find on the ride home?

11. What does Mr. Hannaberry tell Lucas about his rifle?

12. When did Micah first meet Stoddard and what did he do for Micah?

13. What was Micah’s wife’s name and where did they live?

14. How old were they when they got married?

15. What did she wear to every party?

16. What did Stoddard do?

17. What did Stoddard promise?

18. What does Stoddard give Micah before he dies?

19. Whose idea was it for this story?

20. Ian Murray as Mr. Hannaberry. He is one of the regular townsmen, he was in 7
episodes, how many episodes can you name?

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