The Rifleman
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Stranger at Night — episode 36

1.  What causes Mark to trip in the field?
A partially buried body

2.  Who does Lucas introduce Mark to at the ranch?
Artemus Quarles, a cousin by marriage

3.  What does he tell Mark he has done?
Sailed the seven seas and fought pirates

4.  What does the sign on his wagon say?
Jack of All Trades – Prices Cheap

5.  What was the name of the last ship he sailed?
The China Queen

6.  What two places did he mention he fought pirates?
Trinidad and Madagascar

7.  What does he have that interests Mark?

8.  How does he kill?
Always with a knife

9.  What does he tell Mark he was doing that afternoon before he arrived?
Picking daisies to make a crown for his horse

10. What does Lucas find on the body?
A belt with the initials RM

11. What bedtime story does Artemus tell Mark?
About finding pearls off Madagascar

12. What does Artemus have in his wagon and what does he do with it?
A gun belt with the initials RM and Artemus buries it in the corral

13. Where else do we see these initials?
On a saddle

14.  What is the name of the man Micah has in jail for the crime and why?
Joe Carson, he was now in possession of the horse and saddle

15.  What caliber is his gun?
16.  What kind of gun did he say the other man wore?
A pearl-handled Russian .44

17. What does Sweeney have?
Joe Carson’s saddlebag

18. What does Mark play with in Artemus’ wagon?
His binoculars and a sword

19. What does Mark find in the tool box?
A pearl-handled gun

20. Jack Hogan played Joe Carson, the man accused of killing the cowboy with the initials R. M. He also appeared in another episode of The Rifleman as a bank robber, can you name that episode?
The Man from Salinas

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