The Rifleman
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The Raid — episode 37

1.  What are Lucas and Mark doing?
Chopping wood

2.  What alerts Lucas to trouble?
An arrow hits the barn

3.  Who attacks Lucas?
An Indian with a tomahawk

4.  What happens to Mark?
He’s thrown over a horse and taken away

5.  Who finds Lucas at the ranch?
A neighbor

6.  Who does Lucas see upon waking up and what startles him?
Micah and Hattie and Lucas sees an Indian near the door

7.  Who attacked the McCain's?
Renegade Indians

8.  What does Sam Buckhart tell him?
He will track them and search for Mark

9.  What is the name of the Indian who took Mark and why?
Chaqua, to replace his own son who recently died

10. Why did they choose Mark?
Because his father (Lucas) was a brave man

11. How many men are in the posse searching for Mark?

12.  Who wants to turn back and why?
Toomey, he has a wife and two small boys

13. How old was the renegade Indian’s son?

14. Who remains to track Mark after the funeral?
Sam, Micah and Lucas

15. What Indian tribe is Lucas familiar with?
The Cherokee

16. What does the Indian say about Mark?
The sun will change his skin, my love will change his heart

17. What does Chaqua tell Mark when he is upset?
Apaches don’t cry

18. What does Lucas say?
You took my boy!!

19. Michael Ansara appeared in two episodes of The Rifleman as Sam Buckhart,Deputy United States Marshal, The Indian and The Raid. These two episodes were a pin off for what TV Western?
Law of the Plainsman

20. Do you know what Toomey's first name was?
In episode #37 - The Raid the credits say his name is "Johannson"

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