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Outlaw's Inheritance — episode 38

1.  What season is it in the first scene?

2.  Who knocks at the door and whose house is it?

3.  What is the important business?

4.  What direction is the wind as Lucas and Mark are standing on the porch and what does Lucas tell Mark?

5.  What is the rival city to North Fork?

6.  Where is the Railroad meeting to be held?

7.  Who is elected by the Town Council to represent North Fork?

8.  What does Lucas plan to do?

9.  When was the last time Mark rode a train?

10. What does Micah buy them?

11. Who was shot in Santa Fe and what was his occupation?

12. What did he leave Lucas in a will?

13. What does Lucas say about money?

14. Why do Lucas and Mark stay in town overnight and what room number?

15. Where did Lucas say he lived after Margaret died?

16. How long did they wait for a rain?

17. Why was Lucas worried about Mark in Desert Flats?

18. Who is Center City’s representative?

19. What does Lucas have to give Dave when he came to the ranch?

20. Who surprises Mr. Britton when he gets on the stage to Yuma?

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