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Boomerang — episode 39

1.  Who is talking to John Hamilton?

2.  How far behind on his loan is he?

3.  Why does Mark come to the bank?

4.  What is the son’s name?

5.  What is the inscription on the tombstone?

6.  What does Mark remind Lucas?

7.  How old is Tim?

8.  What does this mean to Lucas?

9. What sign is over the storeroom door at Hattie’s?

10. What catalog does Tim look at?

11. What does Hamilton say is the value of the dead man’s ranch?

12. How much is in Lucas’ savings account?

13. What does Tim ask Lucas to do?

14. What does Lucas tell him?

15. What does Lucas tell him he’ll teach him first?

16. What does Tim tell Mark he was so hungry he could eat?

17. What does Tim tell the McCain's he intends to do and what does Lucas say?

18. Where is Hattie on her way to when she stops at the ranch and what does she bring Tim?

19. What kind were they and where were they made?

20. Harlan Warde as John Hamilton, President of the North Fork Bank. John Hamilton was first introduced to The Rifleman in what episode?

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