The Rifleman
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The Marshal — episode 4

1.  Which one of the bad dudes played the harmonica, Andrew Shelton, Florry Shelton or Lloyd Carpenter?
Lloyd Carpenter

2.  When Micah mentioned the Whips and Jingles ― what was he referring to?
Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal

3.  What was the nickname Micah gave to Lucas?

4.  When Lucas first met Micah, Micah was face down in the dirt. When Lucas asked Micah if he needed help, Micah told Lucas he needed another drink. What did Lucas offer to buy Micah?
A cup of coffee

5.  When Micah tries to borrow money from Lucas what does Lucas tell him? Lucas said he wouldn't give him a dime for a drink, but he'd give him a job.
Lucas offers him a job building fences

6.  When Lucas introduces Micah to Mark, what was he doing?
Mark was mopping the floor

7.  What was Mark's comment about mopping the floors?
"It's women's work and I don't cotton to it!"

8.  What was Micah's reason for wanting to sleep in the barn?
He wanted to be alone when he went threw the DT's (Alcohol Withdrawal - Delirium Tremens, DT's)

9.  When Mark ask Micah what are the whips & jingles, how does Micah answer him?
Micah told Mark they were animals of a sort.....they come in varies shapes & sizes, generally pretty big, he also told Mark that he wouldn't know it, but he had a big one sitting on his shoulder at that time

10. When Micah asked Lucas to saddle him a horse, that this wouldn't work out, what did Lucas tell him?
No, to start walking

11. Which one of Micah's arms was crippled?
Right arm

12. After Micah came back into the house he told them he was useless, what was Marks remark to that?
"Whisky make you work better?" "Supper will!"

13. Mark took a big swallow of whisky once that made him sick, why did he do it?
Arch Quinn dared him

14. When asked to sign the registry at the hotel, Andrew made his mark, an X,
Florry made his Mark, an XX, what was the reasoning behind Florry making double X's?
Lloyd said that was because Florry thought he was twice the man his brother was

15. Who was Nancy Moore?
She was Sheriff Fred Thomlinson's niece & the clerk at the hotel

16. What directions did Sheriff Thomlinson give the Sheldon boys to the McCain Ranch?
15 miles west, just past Granite Creek Ford

17. Who tried to talk Lucas out of going to town to face the Shelton brothers?

18. Why did Micah use shotgun slugs instead of buck shot in his shotgun?
Shotguns slugs carry three times as far as buckshot

19. When Lucas got to town the Shelton brothers were waiting for him, who got off the first shot?

20. Andrew shot Lucas how many times?

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