The Rifleman
Trivia page Answers
The Mind Reader — episode 40

1.  What does the sign say on the wagon?
World’s Greatest Mentalist

2.  What word doesn’t Mark understand?
Mentalist and his name is James Barrow McBride

3.  What is the price of admission to a show?
50 cents for adults; a quarter for sprouts

4.  What does the mentalist say Mark is thinking?
How he can get his pa to give him a quarter

5.  Who is in Micah’s office when Lucas gets there and who is in jail?
Lucy Hallager and Billy Mathis is in jail

6.  What evidence is against him?
Only he & Micah own shotguns & Hallager was killed with a shotgun
7.  What does Lucas tell Billy to do as he was talking to him?
Get on your feet when you talk to me!

8.  What is Billy’s profession?
$40/month cowhand

9.  What does the mentalist offer Mark?
Free admission if he hangs up posters

10. What does Mark negotiate for?
Two tickets

11. What is Mark’s question?
Who killed John Hallager?

12. What does McBride “see”?
Shotgun fired from the alley & shooter left on horseback

13. Why is McBride able to read minds?
He’s the 7th son of a 7th son

14. What time does McBride say he’ll be at the jail and what does Micah discover?
9 a.m. but McBride skipped out of town

15. What did he notice about the killer?
He clinked when he ran like lots of coins in his pocket

16. Who is the killer and why did he kill Hallager?
Joe Hyatt because they argued over marked cards

17. What is Mark giving Lucy and Billy?
A poster for their wedding present

18. John Carradine played James Barrow McBride in episode. He was in another episode, can you name the episode?
The Photographer

19. He also appeared with Chuck Connors in Branded as what relative?
General Josh "Grandpa" McCord

20. John Harmon as Eddie Halstead owner/hotel clerk of the Hotel Madera. What episode did Eddie first appear in?
Duel of Honor

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