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The Pasty — episode 41

1.  In the opening scene Mark and another boy are fighting in the street, what was the boys name and what were they fighting about?
Jeff Barrows, jealousy because of Mark's Pa

2.  What does Jeff's father do for a living?
He's the town Barber

3.  When Sully & his gang ride into town, what are their intentions?
They want to take over the town and rob the citizens of North Fork

4.  What are their plans?
Instead of going after Lucas, they get Sam the barber, to do the job for them

5.  Sully asks Micah if I there was something special about Lucas, what was Micah's answer?
"Lucas McCain is as good as we got around here!"

6.  What was Sully's response to that after Micah walked away?
"Yes sir! McCain...a real big buffalo!"

7.  Why was Lucas upset with Mark?
Because of his fighting and his shirt was torn

8.  Why did Mark think Jeff was so mean to him?
Because he didn't get his Pa to cut his hair

9.  How did Sully intimidate and threaten Sam?
He started sharpening Sam's razor, making it clear that Sam would do what he asked him to do or else

10. What did Sully want Sam to do and why?
He wanted him to stand up to Lucas because Mark was mistreating Jeff

11. Lucas wasn't happy when my Mark showed up all messed up and with a big tear in his shirt. What are the two reason Lucas was upset about Mark's torn shirt?
Besides the cost of the shirt, and Lucas told Mark he was too busy to be sitting around patching up his shirts after fights

12. Mark wanted to get his hair done by a barber, what was the reason Lucas cuts Mark's hair?
They could only afford one town haircut

13. Why did Sam come to the McCain Ranch to see Lucas?
He told Lucas he wanted to gain his boy's respect. He wanted me to come into town and he would tell me that he didn't like my boy roughing up his boy, and if I didn't stop putting him up to it, he'd go gunning for me. Then all I had to do was back away

14. What did Lucas tell him?
People would think they were both crazy. Everyone knew Sam couldn't stand a chance against Lucas, and he was stupid enough to even try fighting against him

15. That night at the ranch Lucas knew there was something on Mark's mind, what was it?
What folks will think about his Pa backing away from Mr. Barrows

16. Micah reminded Sam that Lucas had a lot of friends. Sully told Micah that Sam had a lot of friends too. What was Micah's response to that?
“Not the number nor the quality," Micah answered bluntly

17. Sam walked out, his guns strapped on. Lucas tried talking to him, what happened next?
Sam kept approaching Lucas and when he came in close contact with him he said "Lucas, they're gonna kill you!"

18. Why was Sam the hero?
Sam had risked his life to save Lucas, and probably hadn't much expected to come out of it alive. That made him a special somebody - a hero

19. Whit Bissell played Sam Barrows the Barber in this episode. He appeared in a total of four episodes. What episode did his character stand up with Lucas & some of the townsfolk against John Holliver & his gang?
Long Gun from Tucson

20. What favorite TV Show was Don Grady best known for?
My Three Sons

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