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The Pasty
— episode 41

1.  In the opening scene Mark and another boy are fighting in the street, what was the boys name and what were they fighting about?

2.  What does Jeff's father do for a living?

3.  When Sully & his gang ride into town, what are their intentions?

4.  What are their plans?

5.  Sully asks Micah if I there was something special about Lucas, what was Micah's answer?

6.  What was Sully's response to that after Micah walked away?

7.  Why was Lucas upset with Mark?

8.  Why did Mark think Jeff was so mean to him?

9.  How did Sully intimidate and threaten Sam?

10. What did Sully want Sam to do and why?

11. Lucas wasn't happy when my Mark showed up all messed up and with a big tear in his shirt. What are the two reason Lucas was upset about Mark's torn shirt?

12. Mark wanted to get his hair done by a barber, what was the reason Lucas cuts Mark's hair?

13. Why did Sam come to the McCain Ranch to see Lucas?

14. What did Lucas tell him?

15. That night at the ranch Lucas knew there was something on Mark's mind, what was it?

16. Micah reminded Sam that Lucas had a lot of friends. Sully told Micah that Sam had a lot of friends too. What was Micah's response to that?

17. Sam walked out, his guns strapped on. Lucas tried talking to him, what happened next?

18. Why was Sam the hero?

19. Whit Bissell played Sam Barrows the Barber in this episode. He appeared in a total of four episodes. What episode did his character stand up with Lucas & some of the townsfolk against John Holliver & his gang?

20. What favorite TV Show was Don Grady best known for?

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