The Rifleman
Trivia Page Questions
— episode 42

1.  Who does Micah have in jail and for what?

2.  What was the condition that Micah would let Henry out of jail?

3.  Gun shots rang out at the saloon, what does Micah & Lucas find hanging on the saloon doors?

4.  How did Henry Trumble get killed?

5.  What are the three brothers’ names?

6.  What does Sweeney take down from the chandelier?

7.  Pop Malakie fooled Micah, he lead Micah to believe he was sorrowful and a good man. He caught Micah off guard, what did they do to him?

8.  How much Daniel give Sweeney for damages?

9.  Where does Sweeney tell Daniel he can find Lucas?

10. What job does Lucas want Henry to do first?

11. How many times does Mark call Pa before he collapses at the barn door?

12. How many posters are on Micah’s board?

13. What actor played the part of Henry Trumble?

14. What does Doc say about Micah?He’s tough as shoe leather and hard to wear out

15. Where do Micah and Lucas find the gang?

16. What surprises the Malachi's?

17. In which episodes did Denver Pyle's character threaten to kill Lucas?

18. Buddy Hackett appeared as Pappy Malakie. He was in another episode, can you name that episode?

19. Denver Pyle and Buddy Hackett both appeared in what two episodes together?

20. In this episode we see Tim Cassidy's salt mine. How many other episodes do we see mines in? Can you name the episodes?

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