The Rifleman
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The Blowout
— episode 43

1.  When Lucas & Mark arrived in town, returning from Santa Fe, what was going on?

2.  Micah was out of town, who did he assign the Deputy position to?

3.  What was the reason Ben Waller nervous & upset?

4.  Where did Lucas tell Mark to meet him?

5.  How does Lucas eat his steak?

6.  How much money did Walker give Sweeney?

7.  What was Al Walker doing?

8.  Why was Walker in North Fork?

9.  What was Walker's full name?

10. Why did the Porter brother's come to North Fork?

11. What was the Porter Brothers wanted for?

12. What was the total men Al Walker killed?

13. How did Lucas manage to arrest Walker for his own protection?

14. What did Jake threaten to do if Lucas didn't send out Walker?

15. What did the Porter Brothers do to try & flush out Lucas, Walker & Ben?

16. Who killed Walker?

17. Lucas wanted to get the doctor, what did Walker tell him?

18. We see a sign that reads Joe Calhoun, M.D. What other two episodes did we see the same sign in?

19. John Dehner played Al Walker. He was in four episodes of The Rifleman. Can you name the episode where he played a Major, a ex-Confederate officer seeking revenge?

20. In this episode there is a wanted poster on The Porter Brothers. What other episode do you see this poster in Micah's office?

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