The Rifleman
Trivia Page Questions
— episode 44

1.  In the opening scene we see Mr. Hannabury running to the hotel hollering "He's here....." Who is he going to get?

2.  Who did Hannabury mean by "He's here?"

3.  What was about to happen in the streets of North Fork?

4.  Why was Panama Billings so interested in Sam Russell?

5. They both drew and fired at the exact same moment. Who won the shootout?

6.  How long ago had Ben Russell made his reputation?

7.  What did Micah think of Claremont?

8.  Who was Byron Claremont?

9.  Claremont wrote about a town Ben tamed when he was a U. S. Marshal. What was he last line in this article?

10. Why was Mr. Claremont interested in Lucas?

11. What did Panama Billings hear about Lucas & his rifle?

12. Did Lucas think that Mr. Claremont he was really to blame because he wrote that article about Ben Russell?

13. Who did Mark run into when he got to the hotel?

14. Who is Billy Benson?

15. Billy asked Claremont why he writes so much about McCain, what was Claremont's answer?

16. What other episode do we hear the phrase "I hear your a bear with that rifle McCain." And who said it?

17. Lucas asked Billy what he wanted with him. What did Billy say?

18. A shot ran out, Lucas shot Billy thinking it was him Billy was shooting at. Who was Billy shooting at?

19. Mark asked Lucas if he liked Mrs. Claremont, what was his answer?

20. Chris Alcaide played Panama Billings in this episode of The Obituary. How many times did he appear on the show? Can you name the episodes?

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