The Rifleman
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Tension — episode 45

1.  Who was Lucas on a cattle drive with?
Sid Halpern, a friend of the family & Mark

2.  What was the name of the man that was lurking around their campsite and who was he looking for?
Clemmie Martin and he was looking for Roy Coleman

3.  Who did the description fit?
Both Lucas & Sid Coleman 6 ft., 5 in. tall, light haired, squared jawed

4.  How did Sid calm the cattle and why?
He was singing to them, while the water was nagging at them – by morning they would be so thirsty that they would have no trouble getting them across the river

5.  How much rewards money was there on Roy Coleman?

6.  Lucas told Sid that he & Mark could run the cattle without him. Lucas wanted him to go straighten out the mistake. What did Sid say to that?
There was no mistake

7.  What was it about the wanted poster on Coleman that made this situation dangerous for Lucas?
The poster had a really good description. But Sid and Lucas looked a lot alike and he had to wait until he figure out which one of us was Roy Coleman

8.  What was Sid's dying wish?
Sid wanted Lucas to find a way not to tell his wife and son the truth

9.  Why did Lucas tell Micah the truth?
To keep the record straight

10. Lucas & Mark buried Clemmie's body, what did they do with Sid's body?
Lucas tied Sid’s body to his horse to take him back to North Fork

11. How did Gavin and Pa, Ezra know that the grave they found was Clemmie's?
Clemmie's hat, holster & gun was hanging on a Marker along with the wanted poster in Clemmie’s hat

12. What did the gravedigger tell Gavin happened to Sid?
Fell off his horse during a stampede. Got shot with his own gun

13. When Gavin took another look at the wanted poster what did he think?
He was convinced that Lucas was Roy Coleman

14. How did Gavin take over Lucas at the ranch?
He kicked Lucas in the face while dismounting from his horse

15. What did they do to Lucas & Mark?
They tied Lucas & Mark up and they beat on Lucas

16. Mark wanted Lucas to tell them what happened, why did Lucas want to wait?
Lucas wanted to wait another hour, that way Mrs. Halpern & Toby would be on the noon stage and heading out of town

17. When Lucas thought Mrs. Halpern & Toby was gone, he told them the truth. How was Lucas going to prove his innocents?
Lucas' family information in the Bible

18. Gavin walks into the barn, how does Mark get Lucas' rifle away from him?
Mark lassoed the rifle and grabbed it out of Gavin’s hands

19. Lucas & Gavin got into a fight in the barn, what happened to Gavin?
Gavin fell onto the pitchfork

20. Who appeared in this episode that was related to Chuck?
Chuck's son Jeff played the part of the little boy, Toby Halpern

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