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Eddie's Daughter — episode 46

1.  What did Eddie want to talk to Lucas about and why?
Eddie's daughter & wife/moral support

2.  What was Eddie's Wife's name?

3.  What broke up Martha & Eddie's Marriage?
Martha ran away with a Drummer / Salesman

4.  This was 15 years ago. How old does that make Lil now?

5.  How old was Lil when here mother died?

6.  Was Eddie worried about what Lil thought of him or North Fork?

7.  Several of the townfolks were eager to meet Eddie's daughter. What first impression did she make?
That of a bar-maid, dancer or hussy

8.  Why was Lil so bitter?
Her father was never there for her, that he had let her mother and her go. She was angry that he didn’t try to find her

9.  What was Lil's first job?
Dancing with drunks in cheap saloons

10. Lucas invited Eddie & Lil for supper, what were they having?

11. While making popcorn, some of the hot corn spilled out and burned mark's hand. What did Lucas put on his hand?

12. What did Lucas & Lil do?
Lucas went to the barn to feed the cow & Lil went along

13. What did Lucas call Lil to her face?
A fake, a pretty fake

14. What did Lil want Lucas to do for her?
Kill Blanch & Albie

15. Why were Blanch & Albie looking for Lil?
Blanch knew she had it because Johnny DeLong, who helped them rob a bank, had the money when he died in her hotel room

16. What did Lil leave at Lucas'?
Her bag / purse

17. How did Blanch & Albie know they were in Lil's room?
They knew it was her hotel room because it smelled like Lilies of the Valley

18. The next day, Lil and Eddie left on the stage, where were they going?
Lil would have to testify in Blanch’s trial, and Eddie wanted to be there when she did

19. John Harmon as Eddie Halstead owner/hotel clerk of the Hotel Madera. In what episode was Eddie Halstead first introduced to The Rifleman?
Duel of Honor

20. In what episode do they show Sweeney's wife?

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