The Rifleman
Trivia Page Questions
— episode  47

1.  What did Lucas & Mark come across out on the prairie?

2.  What did Lucas tell Mark to do?

3.  Where did Lucas take the sick couple?

4.  What did the doctor tell Lucas the couple had?

5.  What did Doc Burrage want Lucas to do with the couple?

6.  Lucas didn't want to tell Mark what was really wrong. What excuse did Lucas make up?

7.  What did Doc tell Cass was wrong with his nose?

8.  Who was the first to wake up, the man or the woman?

9.  Who was outside nosey around?

10. What did Brett really want?

11. What did Lucas tell him?

12. Mrs. Porter rode into town upset, what was wrong?

13. What did Hattie sent back along for the couple and Lucas?

14. What did Micah come to warn Lucas about?

15. Micah reminded Maury how Lucas helped him. What did Lucas do for him?

16. Then Micah reminded Carl of the time he was bitten by a rattlesnake. what did Lucas do?

17. What was really wrong with the Porter boy?

18. Dabbs Greer has appeared in The Rifleman eight times, can you name the episodes?

19. Enid Jaynes who played Amy Barker. Who was she married to?

20. Hope Summers played Hattie Denton, owner of The General Store. What episode was Hattie first introduced to The Rifleman?

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