The Rifleman
Trivia Page Questions
— episode 48

1.  Why did Lucas and Mark travel to the desert and why?

2.  About how far did Lucas and Mark travel to the desert?

3.  What spooked their horses?

4.  What happened when their wagon went over the hill?

5.  Were the horses hurt?

6.  Was their any damage to the wagon?

7.  How much water did they have left?

8.  There were two ways they could make their way to water & home, the trail behind them or to the base of the mountain, which way did Lucas decide they would take?

9.  They filled themselves up with all the water they could drink and watered their horse. What did they use for their horse to drink out of?

10. Mark didn't like him riding and Lucas walking. They were suppose to take turns. What did Mark tell Lucas about this?

11. What happened to spook off their second horse?

12.  How did Lucas hurt his foot?

13. What did Lucas use for a crutch?

14. What was in the note to Micah?

15. What was Lucas' instructions for Mark to make it for help?

16. Lucas wanted Mark to take his rifle with him, what was Mark's reaction to that?

17. What animal did Lucas have to shoot?

18. What was Lucas saying when Mark got to him?

19. Mark was happy to see his Pa and that he was okay, what did he shout?

20. Can you name some of the ordeals Lucas & Mark went through?

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