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The Spiked Rifle — episode 49

1.  Why didn't Clay Fallmont make it to North Fork to ride shotgun on the stage?
He was killed before he got to North Fork

2.  How much money was to be on the stage?

3.  What did John Hamilton, the president of the bank, want to see Lucas about?
John wanted Lucas to ride shotgun on the stage the next day

4.  Why didn't Lucas want to ride shotgun?
Lucas doesn't like to hire his gun out.

5.  Lucas agreed to do this under what conditions?
John wanted Lucas to get a hotel room for the night, he would pay the hotel bill and if Fallmont didn't show up he would do this favor for John

6.  What did Lucas order for Mark to eat?
Lots of vegetables and roast beef and potatoes and milk and chocolate cake

7.  What did Stark pick up outside of the saloon?
A Kitten

8.  Why was Stark's men nervous about Lucas riding shotgun on the stage.
They heard that Lucas handled his rifle like a six-gun

9.  Stark wasn't worried, what did he tell his men Lucas as dangerous as?
The kitten

10. Stark rode into the relay station to see Lucas. When Lucas asked him what he wanted, what did he say?
The money in the strongbox

11. Where did Stark tell Lucas he was holding Mark?
At the McCain Ranch

12. How would Lucas find out if Mark was okay?
The only way Lucas would know is to ride back to your ranch and find out

13. When Lucas got back to the ranch what did he find?
Mark was laying facedown in a haystack. Mark had fallen asleep.

14. Lucas found Stark in a saloon playing cards. He planned on taking Stark with him. What did Stark do to take the attention off & him & put it on Lucas?
He offered $3,000.00 and a reputation to anyone who would kill Lucas McCain, the Rifleman

15. Stark was unarmed, what was his weapon?

16. How did Stark get shot?
The Man behind Lucas, Stark took a bullet met for Lucas

17. Lucas apologized to John Hamilton for letting the money get away from him, what did John say?
If anything would have happened to Mark, he wouldn't want to see this money again

18. What is Lucas' weakness?

19. What did John tell Lucas as he & Mark was leaving?
He would trade all this and much more for what Lucas has

20. Richard Devon has appeared in seven episodes of The Rifleman, Can you name them?
Blood Brother — The Spiked Rifle — The Grasshopper — Miss Milly — The Silent Knife — The Stand-In — The Most Amazing Man

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