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The Brother-in Law — episode 5

1.  What was Lucas' wife's first name and what was her maiden name?

2.  Who was the relative who came to visit the McCain Ranch in this episode?

3.  What did Uncle Johnny stop & do before going to the McCain Ranch?

4.  What was the name of the horse being broken and who's horse was it?

5.  How long did Lucas manage to stay on Duster?

6.  Who was the youngest between Margaret & Johnny?

7.  What was the name of the Wild West Show that Johnny use to work with?

8.  How much money did Uncle Johnny want to borrow from Lucas?

9.  Who was Alvah Kemper planning on showing a little humility?

10. What was the name of Jeff Stacy's outlaw colt?

11.What was the name that Mark told Alvah Kemper he would have to change Lucifer name to once his Uncle Johnny rode him?

12. What was Uncle Johnny wanted for?

13. Who did Mark wanna be like more than anyone in the world?

14. Why did Uncle Johnny feel that Lucas should stick by him?

15.What was the explanation Uncle Johnny gave Mark for his black eye?

16. How much did Mark bet?

17. What was the song Johnny Gibbs sang when he returned to the McCain Ranch drunk?

18. Where was Uncle Johnny supposed to meet Micah after he rode Lucifer?

19. In what other episode do we hear the song Jimmy Crack Corn?

20. How many actors played Doc Burrage? Can you name them?

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