The Rifleman
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Letter of the Law
— episode 50

1.  Micah was waiting in the backroom of the Gunsmith's, who was he waiting for?

2.  What kind of guns was this cowboy's trademark?

3.  Who said: "A fine guns like a fine woman"?

4.  What was Lucas & Mark doing at the ranch when Micah rode in?

5.  What was the favor Micah asked Lucas to do for him?

6.  Where did Micah have to take Brett Stocker?

7.  What does Letter of the Law mean?

8.  What happened to Micah on the way back to town?

9.  When Lucas arrived in town and asked where Micah was, what did he tell him?

10. What was the compliment Mark gave Stocker about him & his guns?

11. Stocker told Mark that he use to do shooting practice when he was about his age. How many rounds a day did he shoot off and how did he get them?

12. What did the note thrown through the Marshals Office window say?

13. What decision did Micah think Lucas would make?

14. Lucas left Stocker go but wouldn't let him do what?

15. While trying to escape, where was Micah shot?

16. What information did Abel have for Lucas?

17. What made Lucas think he’d get Stocker back?

18. On the math problem Mark was working on…if there’s one pie and four people and you give each person 1/6 of he pie, how much is left for you?

19. Micah said he would not have figured Stocker to come back for his guns. He told Lucas he was figuring from the man. What was Micah going by?

20. Vic Morrow died young. Do you know how he died?

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