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The Legacy — episode 51

1.  Who was funnin' with Pop Simmons when he had his attack?

2.  Pop assured Lucas he was alright. What happened to Pop after Lucas & Mark went on their way?

3.  Where did they take Pop after he collapsed

4.  What was Pop's diagnosis?

5.  What did Pop want to see Lucas about?

6.  What was his son's name & where did he live?

7.  How long has it been since Pop saw his son?

8.  Who raised Phillip?

9.  Pop wasn't too sure Phillip would come unless Lucas would word the telegram just right. What did he ask Lucas to do next?

10. Once Phillip came what was Pop going to do?

11. Why did Lucas agree to do this, even though he wasn't comfortable with doing so?

12. What did the sign to the board house read?

13. Why did Philip come to see Pop?

14. What items did Pop leave behind?

15. What did Toomey call Pop?

16. What charges did Phillip bring against the Mitchell boys?

17. What did Philip do for a living?

18. What plan did Lucas & Ed the stagecoach driver had planned?

19. What did Phillip do when he listened to Lucas' speech at the funeral?

20. In this episode there is a wanted poster on The Porter Brothers. What other episode do you see this poster in Micah's office?

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