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The Baby Sitter — episode 52

1.  A stranger/Wood Bartell came to the doorway of the barn, what did Lucas give him?
A cup of milk as they were just milking the cow

2.  Why was he heading for North Fork?
He was looking for his wife who left him

3.  Bartell asked Lucas if he knew a Leona Bartell, which he didn't. But when he mentioned her maiden name that was a different story. What was her maiden name?

4.  Why was Bartell looking for her?
He wanted to get his daughter back

5.  Lucas & Mark had heard of some distant kin, where did they live?
Jackass Meadows

6.  What was the name of the hotel clerk?

7.  Where was Leona working?
The Last Chance Saloon

8.  What song was Leona singing when Bartell walked into the saloon?
Dance with the Dolly

9.  What did Bartell do when Sweeney tried to stop Bartell from hurting his wife
He hit him with his whip

10. The stage to San Francisco didn’t leave until the next afternoon, what plan did Leona come up with so that Bartell would not find his baby?
She begged Lucas to take Fancy with him out to the ranch

11. What song did Mark sing to Fancy?
Cowboy's Lullaby

12. Why did Leona leave Bartell?
When the baby came, he decided she needed to be saved. Leona decided the only kind of savin' they needed was from him

13. What did Mark compare changing diapers to?
“Changing diapers ain’t no more trouble then shoeing a horse”

14. What did Bartell do to Mark?
He locked him in the smokehouse and took Fancy and left

15. Where was Bartell headed?
North Fork to show Leona that he has Fancy

16. Lucas told Mark a story about a newborn calf, what was it about?
When Mark was born

17. What other episodes do we see the same dress Leona is wearing, and who is wearing it?
DressThe Baby SitterThe ObituaryA Young Man's Fancy

18. John Dehner played in four episodes of The Rifleman, can you name them?
The Money GunThe PrisonerThe BlowoutThe Baby Sitter

19. Lillian Bronson appeared in another episode. can you name that episode?
The Legacy as Mrs. Margaret Adams owner of the boarding house

20. In this episode of The Baby Sitter was Fancy a boy or a girl?
Fancy was a girl. Fancy was played by Robert Anacher who in real life is a boy — This was taken from the ABC Television Network Photo Division - Press Information Sheet — Yes Fancy really was a boy!

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