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The Coward — episode 53

1.  Although cooking wasn't George's passion, what was?
Writing about places he’s seen and people

2.  Why did Billy get upset when George offered to read his journal to him?
He was insulted that George thought he couldn't read, even though he couldn't

3.  Dub stated that George was as mean as a what?
A hungry string bean

4.  What was the name of his outfit/men?
Whiplash Outfit

5.  What happened to George?
He was fired and sent on his way

6.  How much money did he owe George?
We never know how much money he owed George, but the trail boss did state that the couple of dollars he owed him would cover the food he spoiled.

7.  What was the name of the newspaper in North Fork?
The North Fork Weekly

8.  What did Lucas offer George after they met him in town?
If George would help finish unloading the wagon Lucas would buy him a meal and I’d count it a favor

9.  What did George want to do?
He wanted to be a writer. Newspaper or write books like Mark Twain

10. What was it that George lack and Lucas was going to try & give him?

11. Where did George work while traveling west?
A magic lantern show and he played music for their show with a harmonica

12. What song did George play for them in the café?
Red River Valley

13. Lucas offered George room & board, what did George say to his offer?
Only if he could work for his keep

14. What surprise did he have for George?
Buddy Link was in the Saloon waiting for them

15. George told them he needed to get back to the wagon. What did Buddy do next?
Buddy tripped George

16. The more Dub read the angrier Buddy got. What happened next?
Buddy grabbed the book from Dub and starting ripping the pages from the book, then threw it down. Then he reared back and took a hard punch at George. He was mad that George had called him a runt. He punched him again as he yelled.

17. Who warned Lucas what Buddy was about to do in the saloon?
I would say Sweeney - what say you?

18. What did Lucas do to Buddy?
Lucas ordered him to put the bottle back and then stuck the barrel of his rifle in his stomach

19. In the barn, what song did George play on his harmonica?
Home on the Range

20. After George shot the shotgun into the air Buddy told George he only had one shot, what was George's comment to that?
“You want that one shot?”

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