The Rifleman
Trivia Page Questions
— episode 54

1.  How many men came to survey the land for the railroad and who was in charge?

2.  What did Len & Charley want Elliot to do?

3.  When Elliot didn't do what Len wanted him to do what happened to him?

4.  What was Mark thinking about being when he grew up?

5.  Which one of the surveyors was Mark good friend?

6.  Why did Lucas want the ladder taken down from the loft?

7.  When Mark got to the camp no one was there, what did he do?

8.  What did Charley checkout while cashing his check at the bank?

9.  What was Len and Charley talking about when Mark woke up?

10. Why was Charley uncomfortable about robbing the bank?

11. Lucas & Mark were washing their clothes outside. Where did they hang their clothes?

12. Mark told Lucas he got to thinking and there was something else, what was it?

13. What was Mark upset about most?

14. When Lucas went to wake Mark up for breakfast, to his surprise what did he find?

15. After Lucas went to the surveyor camp to ask about Mark he returned home. When back at the ranch, what did he find?

16. Did Micah ever run away from home and why?

17. Did Micah swipe the apples?

18. How did Lucas know for sure that Len & Charley were in the bank?

19. When Lucas got back to the ranch, Mark asked him where he was, what did Lucas tell him?

20. Mark asked Lucas if he missed him, what did Lucas say?

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