The Rifleman
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Day of the Hunter
— episode 55

1.  Mr. Hardiman approached Lucas & Mark. He was teasin' them. Mr. Hardiman told them there were three or four boys in his orchard the other day. What kind of fruit orchard was it?

2.  Lucas didn't like that Mark just took the apples, what did he tell Mark?

3.  Mark promised not to do that again, he then threw the apple up into the air. Who shot the apple?

4.  What was Lucas' reaction to this?

5.  He assured Lucas there was no one better then he was, "Names Cass Callicott." What was Lucas' reaction?

6.  What did Cass what Lucas to do?

7.  Cass was angry because of Lucas turning him down. Cass wanted to force Lucas into a fight, what did Cass say he was?

8.  When Lucas & Mark got back to the ranch he asked Mark if he had something on his mind, what was bothering Mark?

9.  What did Lucas tell him?

10. What did Mark think he heard while feeding the chickens and who was it really?

11. What was making this noise?

12. Where did Cass tell Mark he got this from?

13. What is an Indian Challenge?

14. Besides not wanting to take this challenge, what was the other reason Lucas wasn't interested?

15. Cass told Lucas that he was gonna take that challenge or be called a coward, what did Lucas choose?

16. Mark was again disappointed, what advise did Lucas give Mark about Cass?

17. Cass was getting tired of challenging Lucas, and decided to take a different approach, what was that?

18. When Lucas went inside the house, what clue made Lucas realize what had happened to Mark

19. Cass still wanted to challenge Lucas, how many shots did he say Lucas had and he had?

20. What surprised Cass from behind the trees?

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