The Rifleman
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Mail Order Groom
— episode 56

1.  Who was Isabel Dent excepting on the stage?

2.  Why did Isabel not want to meet the stage?

3.  Why have the Profit brothers been harassing Isabel?

4.  When Mark asked Jupiter how heavy his trunk was, what was his answer?

5.  What did Jupiter say was in his trunk?

6.  Lucas asked Jupiter to have lunch with them at the hotel, what was his response to that?

7.  Jupiter asked Lucas who the two men who were pestering him, what did Lucas call them?

8.  Why did Jupiter travel two thousand miles to marry someone he never met?

9.  Jupiter asked Lucas if Isabel was pretty, what did Lucas tell him?

10. What did Mark have to say about Isabel?

11. Mark & Lucas saw Jupiter coming down the street in a new suit. What was Lucas' comment to John about his suit?

12. How much did his suit cost?

13. What did the Profit Brothers do to Jupiter?

14. The Profit Brothers were starting to come between Isabel & Jupiter, why was Jupiter afraid of them?

15. How did Jupiter know it was the Profit Brothers that burned his house down?

16. What did Jupiter do to the Profit Brother's?

17. What did the Profit Boys do next?

18. What did Jupiter do to Jess & Jim?

19. How many episodes can you name that John Anderson appeared in?

20. How many episodes can you name that Peter Whitney appeared in?

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