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A Case of Identity — episode 57

1.  Why were all the kids gathering at the watering trough in North Fork?
Two men were tossing nickels in the watering trough for the kids to catch

2.  What is the name of the homeless boy who told Mark about the nickel tossing and how did he get his name?
Dollar Ten. A man once gave him ten cents for a shoeshine and a dollar for a tip. He had the name ever since

3.  What made Mark stand out from all the other kids?
His birthmark on his arm

4.  What were these two men looking for?
Aaron Wingate's son Robert

5.  How much was Wingate offering for the return of his son?

6.  What happened to Wingate's son and how long has he been looking for him?
His son, Robert, disappeared in the Mississippi Riverboat fire in the summer of ’71. They found his wife but never found his son. He has been looking for ten years.

7.  What was the first thing Wingate did when he saw Mark?
He looked for his birthmark and began crying calling him Robert

8.  Lucas told them to get off of his ranch, then he went to reach for his rifle, what happened next?
Lon Perry shot at Lucas

9.  Wingate collapsed, who went to fetch the doctor?
Perry & Captain James Gordon

10. Where did Wingate live and what kind of business did he have?
St. Louis, leather tanning business

11. What proof did Lucas offer Wingate that Mark was his?
The Family Bible - Lucas & Margaret's wedding date — Mark’s birth — Margaret's death

12. What did Wingate say that made Lucas so furious?
He said that Lucas could have written anything at anytime in the Bible and that it would not stand up in a court of law

13. What did Mark tell Lucas as Lucas was leaving the bedroom?
“I love you" and Lucas response was “I know you do"

14. Why would Perry & the Captain want to kill Lucas?
Wingate could claim Mark for his boy and then they could get their money and
get out of there

15. What was the description of Robert, Wingate's son, on the wanted poster?
“Now 12 years old. Brown hair, dark eyes, birthmark on right forearm”

16. Why did Lucas go to talk to Wingate?
Lucas asked him to leave town, he was stirring up trouble and that they would do anything to get their hands on the reward money, even call out Lucas to kill him, then Mark would be his

17. When Lucas came out of the hotel, Perry called Lucas confronted each other, what is the famous line that Perry said to Lucas?
"I hear you’re a bear with that rifle McCain."

18. Whose idea was it to kill Lucas?
Lon Perry

19. What did Wingate offer Dollar Ten during dinner at the ranch?
If he would like to go back to St. Louie with him. He could stay with Wingate and learn the tanning business

20. Royal Dano played Aaron Wingate in this episode of A Case of Identity. He has appeared in several episodes of The Rifleman, can you name how many & the titles of those episodes?
5A Matter of FaithA Case of IdentityHonest AbeThe Sheridan StoryDay of Reckoning

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