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The Visitor — episode 58

1.  Ann Dodd, a friend of the McCain's was making a stop at North Fork to see Lucas & Mark. Where was Ann headed?
Albuquerque to settle her Uncle's estate

2.  Who was Ann Dodd?
Ann and Margaret were best friends. Ann took care of Margaret when she was sick.

3.  What happened to her Uncle?
He was dragged by a horse, the doctor told him it was his heart. Pete suffocated him with a pillow instead

4.  Why did Pete & Jenny go to North Fork?
To kill Ann

5.  Lucas told Mark that Ann was the prettiest girl in town. Mark asked if she was prettier then Ma, how did Lucas answer that?
"She was beautiful, but her beauty wasn’t only on the outside." "Mark, your mother had more than looks. There was something special that came from deep inside her."

6.  What was Ann's comment when she first saw Lucas?
He was taller then she imagined

7.  What was Ann's comment when she first saw Mark?
She thought Mark favored Margaret

8.  Lucas invited Ann to dinner, Ann volunteer to make dinner, what did she make?
A very special goose

9.  What was Ann's husband's name?

10. After her husband & her sons death, Ann moved to the city, why?
She was running away, from things as they were. Without Hal and their boy, everything just seemed so empty

11. She commented on what a bright boy Mark was. What did Lucas refer to him as?
A bright penny

12. Lucas apologized for saying something about keeping up with a growing boy – she had lost her son and it was still hard to take at times. What did Ann say to Lucas' apology?
“Life is for the living, right?”

13. Mark was surprised when Ann mentioned her daddy’s trout flies. He told her they have real good fishing around there. Was it brook or lake?

14. Where did Mark want Ann to enter her pie?
Founder's Day Fair in the baking contest

15. What did Ann say to herself the day Lucas took Mark and left town?
"There goes wild, wild Lucas. His hurt is very deep"

16. Lucas took Ann back to the hotel. Who initiated the kiss?

17. What made Lucas head back to Ann's room and what did he see there?
He had to go talk to her – to make sure they knew where they stood. He didn't want to give Ann any false hope. Lucas saw a man standing over her as he held a pillow over her face, trying to strangle her

18. What did Ann say when Lucas asked her to come back permanently?
She wanted to come back, but she was afraid there could be no replacement for Marks mother

19. What other episode did someone tell Lucas that Mark favored/resembles Margaret?
The Retired GunClair Carney: “He resembles Margaret a great deal, Lucas!”

20. Who got writing credits for the story?
Chuck Connors

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