The Rifleman
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The Hero
— episode 59

1.  Whose campfire did Colly come across?

2.  What set the Kid's guns off from any other?

3.  Domino went for his gun, Colly shot him, where?

4.  Why was everyone surprised even Colly that he brought in the Kid?

5.  Colly was a hero until when?

6.  What was on the wanted poster?

7.  Why didn't Sam want to pay the reward?

8.  What did Micah tell Sam about the reward?

9.  Sam agreed to pay the reward. How did he say he would pay this?

10. The next morning Mark made breakfast, what did he make?

11. What was Mark's reaction when Lucas told him that the Domino Kid was brought in?

12. Why did Micah need this statement?

13. What did Lucas see Mark doing?

14. Who was Alice and what did they want from Lucas?

15. Where was Alice & Colly going to go when the money came in?

16. What did Mark do when Lucas asked him to set another place at the table?

17. Colly came to pick up the reward money and didn't care who knew it. Suddenly the one gunslinger came behind Colly, what happened next?

18. Lucas stood in the middle of the street and looked around at the gawkers. What did he say to the town folks after Colly was shot?

19. Robert Culp wrote a two part episode for The Rifleman, can you name the episodes?

20. Johnny Crawford appeared in Robert Culp's TV Classic Western together, what was the name of that show?

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