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Eight Hours to Die
— episode 6

1.  What did Lucas & Mark go into town to get?

2.  What saying was included with the newspaper article?

3.  What crime did Judge Zephaniah Burton's son commit?

4.  What town did this happen in?

5.  What insignia was on Judge Zephaniah Burton's boots?

6.  What was Micah's reasons to ride out to the McCain Ranch?

7.  Judge Zephaniah was after those who have persecuted his son. What were the 3 things/people he was seeking revenge for?

8.  Lucas' orders were not to kill Ephraim, but to wound him, where did Lucas shoot him?

9.  What did Mark tell Lucas he was doing wrong when Lucas was firing the forge up?

10. What did Judge Zephaniah mean by simple poetic justice?

11. What did Mark do to stay after school?

12. The Judge went to fetch Mark from school himself. What did he tell Mark & his teacher to let Mark leave?

13. How did Lucas manage to get loose?

14. When Mark had heard what happen, what did he do at that moment?

15. How many episodes was there a rattlesnake in or an imaginary one? Can you name them?

16. Lucas thought the Judge had shot Mark, how did he re-act?

17. Bobby Crawford Jr., brother of Johnny Crawford was in this episode. What other episodes was Bobby in?

18. What TV Western was Bobby known for?

19. What is the discrepancy in this episode..... Lucas says one thing and it turns out to be it a goof?

20. Besides this episode, what episode do we see Lucas tied up and left to free himself by burning the ropes around his hands to get free?

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