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The Horse Traders — episode 60

1.  There was a boy passing out flyers, what were they for?
Colonel Bourbon's sale of finest saddle and harness stock

2.  Why was Lester looking for Colonel Bourbon?
He said the Colonel owed him a horse

3.  Why did Lester want Jonas to carve up the Colonel?
Because there was a reward out on the horse

4.  What did Lester call Jonas knife?
Hog sticker

5.  What horse was Lester looking for?
The steel dust stallion with a star on his forehead

6.  How much reward were they offering for this horse?

7.  Where is this horse originally from?
Green Valley Ranch

8.  Micah was also looking for this horse. What did he tell the Colonel they did to horse thieves?
“We still hang horse thieves in this part of the country, colonel.”

9.  Lucas & Mark were finishing up their chores when some friends rode into the ranch, who was it?
Kansas & Callie Sawyer

10. Kansas pride himself in being a good horse trader. He got to talking until Callie reminded him they better get going? Kansas said he would miss this for..... (finish this sentence)
"I wouldn’t miss this for money, marbles or chalk!”

11. Mark wanted to know why it wasn't enough just to know a good horse when you see it, what did Lucas tell him?
You should know when you’re trading with a real horse trader is to figure you’re gonna get skinned — know the stock is knowing the man your trading with — weigh everything he says and then try to think of all the things he hasn’t said

12.How much did the Colonel want for the Sorrel Kansas picked out?
$75.00 and they settled for $60.00

13. What did the Colonel do to make sure that the horse would come back?
He pounded a nail into his back horseshoe

14. Who did the Colonel tell him he sold the stallion to?
A Gypsy Dealer

15. Kansas brought the horse back that he just bought, what was wrong with it?
His horse was limping. Kansas thought he had a bad leg

16. When Lucas got the stallion back to the ranch he started to check it over. What two things did he find wrong with the horse?
A trick nail in the horse's shoe / dye on the horse

17. Lucas told him the stallion was not for sale, instead of money, marbles or chalk what did Lucas say this time?
"He's not for sale, not for love nor money"

18. Besides this episode, what other episode do we hear money, marbles or chalk mentioned?
Home Ranch

19. Chubby Johnson played Kansas Sawyer in this episode of The Horse Traders. He was in two more episodes, can you name them?
The SpoilerGuilty Conscience

20. Whitey Hughes appeared in several episodes of The Rifleman. This is just one of many of them. He is the uncle of what child actor that also appeared on The Rifleman?
Billy Hughes Jr.

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