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The Spoiler — episode 61

1.  Joey Merrick, a friend of Mark's, was out on the trail. He ran into a stranger who was ill. What did the stranger, Brud Evans, tell him he needed?
A drink of water

2.  As soon as Joey turned his back what did Evans do to Joey?
He stabbed him in the back

3.  What did Lucas & Mark go into town to get?
Chicken wire

4.  What did she offer to make for the McCains?
Cinnamon rolls

5.  Where did Mrs. Avery go to meet her husband?
Barber Shop

6.  What was all the commotion about in the streets of North Fork?
Someone brought a body into town, Joey Merrick

7.  Where did Ted Penn find Joey's body?
By the 12 mile marker outside of town

8.  Where was Joey headed when he ran into Evans?
Hait Flats

9. What was burnt into his saddle?
Joey, his name

10. What was Evans to the Avery's?
Their son

11. To take Mark's mind off of what had happened earlier, what did Lucas tell Mark to do?
To go & get the cinnamon rolls

12. Evans thought he would stay at the Avery's for a few days. What did the Avery's tell him?
That did didn't want him there and that they didn't have a son

13. What did Mark find when he was looking for an ax at their place?
Joey's saddle & horse

14. What kind of pony did Joey have?

15. That night Mark had a nightmare. When Lucas when to comfort Mark, what did Mark do?
Mark threw his arms around Lucas

16. When Mark didn't take the pan to the Avery's what did Lucas do?
He took it to them

17. When Lucas went to the Avery's what did he see that gave away that there was something wrong?
He saw a broken handcuff

18. Mark decided he was going back home, Micah was there, but Lucas wasn't, how did Mark figure out that Lucas had gone to the Avery's?
The pan the cinnamon rolls were in was gone

19. Chubby Johnson played Mr. Avery in this episode of The Spoiler. He was in two more episodes, can you name them?
The Horse TradersGuilty Conscience

20. Ellen Corby played Mrs. Avery in this episode of The Spoiler. She also appeared in another episode of The Rifleman, can you name that episode?
The High Country

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