The Rifleman
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Heller — episode 62

1.  Where did Lucas & Mark go bird hunting?

2.  Micah knew there was a hitch, what was it?
Micah was suppose to cook 'em & Lucas & Mark was gonna help eat 'em

3.  Ben Tooker barged into Micah's office, what was wrong?
Hattie's store was broken into

4.  Micah & Lucas were surprised when they saw who it was, who was it?
A girl, Heller Chase

5.  How did Hattie describe their step-father, Bechtol,
A whisky-soaked drifter

6.  What did Heller tell them she was going to take?
A blue ribbon for her hair

7.  When Lucas took Heller home, what was going on?
Bechtol yelling and slapping David around

8. When her brother asked her: "Did you get it?" What was he referring to?
A gun

9. Heller told David that she only had time to hide it. Where did she hide the gun?
Apple barrel

10. Heller & David had to go back to Hattie's & get the gun. How did they plan to sneak out to go to town?
They would get him good and drunk so he’d fall asleep. That would give them three hours to get into the store

11. What did Lucas think the reason was Mark wanted to town with him?
Licorice sticks

12. Why did Mark think he was lucky?
Dave can't talk to his Pa like Mark & Lucas do

13. Hattie caught David digging through the barrel of apples, what did Heller do to get Hattie's attention?
She asked Hattie if she could please have a ribbon and asked her to tie it in the back for he in a bow

14. Later that evening Mark was distracted and Lucas knew their was something bothering him, what was it?
Mark told Lucas that he saw David pull a gun out of the apple barrel and stuff it in his shirt

15 Fill in the blanks..... "A wife that's next to _________, a daughter that’s no better then a _______ _____ and a _____________________ ....where's that boy?"
"A wife that's next to worthless, a daughter that’s no better then a teasin' flirt and a lazy good for nothing son....where's that boy?"

16. Heller wanted to thank Lucas and telling him that gives her a powerful strong feeling. What was Lucas reply to this?
He thanked her and told her that if I were to ever have a daughter he'd want her to be exactly like her

17. How many episodes can you name that Peter Whitney appeared in?
9 timesEddie's DaughterMail Order GroomHellerStrange TownThe Queue Long Gun From TucsonLou MalloryGun ShyWhich Way'd They Go?

18. Gigi Perreau played in two episodes of The Rifleman. Beside Heller she was in another episode of The Rifleman as a daughter of a gunslinger turned doctor. What is the name of that episode?
Death Trap

19. Don Grady played David Chase, Heller's brother. He was in another episode of The Rifleman where he was ashamed of his Pa, can you name the episode?
The Patsy

20. What football coach appeared in this episode and what was his characters name?
Sid Gilman played Ben Tooker


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