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The Grasshopper — episode 63

1.  Mark was going on his first train ride, where were the McCain's going?
Kearney, Nebraska to see Mark's Aunt and Uncle for their wedding anniversary

2.  The conductor told Mark that the train gets forty-one miles on the straight-way, who did he tell Mark couldn't catch the train?

3.  Walt Ryerson, who was handcuffed to Marshal Dixon had boarded the train. How did Lucas know Ryerson?
Fifteen years ago, he shot and killed a friend of Lucas', by mistake, he meant to kill Lucas

4.  Lucas and Mark sat across from Nathaniel Cameron, who was Nathaniel?
He told them he was a retired peace officer

5.  What did Nathaniel offer Mark to eat?
A hard boiled egg

6.  Why was the train stopping at White Water?
To pick up fuel/water

7.  Nathaniel showed Mark an old blanket, who did he tell Mark gave it to him?
Daniel Boone

8. What was the name of Nathaniel's rifle?

9.  Nathaniel told Mark they were getting a northeastern, what was it really?

10. They had to stop the train. What did they have to do to the track to get the train moving?
They would need to put sand on the tracks for traction

11. Lucas said he saw this happen before, where?
The Nations

12. When Lucas left the train car to check on things, he heard shots, what happened?
When he got back the door was locked

13. What were the causality in the train car where Mark was?
This Marshal was killed and Ryerson was shot in the leg

14. What did Ryerson threaten to do if they didn't get the train up & running in fifteen minutes?
Somebody is going to die and they will keep dying until she rolls

15. Why was Mark disappointed in Nathaniel?
He didn’t understand how a fighter as great as him could just sit there

16. What would happen to Ryerson if he didn't get a tourniquet on his leg?
He could bleed to death

17. Ryerson asked Lucas how do you know if you apply the tourniquet, what did Lucas tell him?
“That’s a chance you’ll have to take,” said Lucas.

18. What did Nathaniel help save the day?
He threw Lucas rifle to him

19. What did Nathaniel give Mark?
An extra sandwich and the ole’ buffalo robe Daniel Boone gave him

20. Richard Devon has appeared in seven episodes of The Rifleman. How many
can you name?
Blood BrotherThe Spiked RifleThe GrasshopperMiss MillyThe Silent KnifeThe Stand-In The Most Amazing Man

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