The Rifleman
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A Time for Singing
— episode 64

1.  Who was North Fork expecting?

2.  Micah was not feeling well, what was his symptoms?

3.  Who was really posing as the Reverend and his wife?

4.  Hattie, Lucas & Mark went over to the Reverend's new house to unpack their things. What did Mark unpack?

5.  Hattie told Mark that a switch makes a short crop of hair into a crowning glory, what was his comment?

6.  How did Mark describe Mrs. Gathers?

7.  How did Mark describe Mr. Gathers?

8.  What did they come to North Fork to do?

9.  Who was the leader of the gang?

10. Where was the rest of the gang hiding out?

11. Mark had gone fishing and caught a mess of trout and was planning on cooking them for supper that night. Lucas told him they were going to have supper at the hotel. What did Mark do with his fish?

12. What was Mrs. Gathers (Laurie Hadley) doing when Mark went to her place to give her the fish?

13. Why did Spence think that all this pretense would be better then just going in & robbing the bank?

14. Where did the gang bury the preacher and his wife?

15. Why did the gang think Mark posed a problem to their plans?

16. Dan the Preacher took Mark back to the house, what did he ask Mark?

17. What hymn did they sing in Church?

18. Micah finally went to the doctors, what was wrong with him?

19. Patricia Barry appeared as Adele Adams, North Fork's school teacher for two
episodes, can you name those episodes?

20. John Milford appeared as Bro Hadley in this episode A Time for Singing. How many episodes has he appeared in?

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