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A Time for Singing — episode 64

1.  Who was North Fork expecting?
Reverend & Mrs. Gathers from Kansas

2.  Micah was not feeling well, what was his symptoms?
Pain in his chest

3.  Who was really posing as the Reverend and his wife?
Hewitt and Mrs. Hadley, Spence’s wife

4.  Hattie, Lucas & Mark went over to the Reverend's new house to unpack their things. What did Mark unpack?
Switch / Hairpiece

5.  Hattie told Mark that a switch makes a short crop of hair into a crowning glory, what was his comment?
"Seems to me that's pure deceitful", said Mark. "And her a preachers wife!”

6.  How did Mark describe Mrs. Gathers?
Kinda small, and peaked, maybe plain

7.  How did Mark describe Mr. Gathers?
Kind of little, big and old. And his voice has all the barb wire in it from shouting all that fire and brimstone

8.  What did they come to North Fork to do?
To rob the North Fork Bank

9.  Who was the leader of the gang?
Spence Hadley

10. Where was the rest of the gang hiding out?
In the covered wagon

11. Mark had gone fishing and caught a mess of trout and was planning on cooking them for supper that night. Lucas told him they were going to have supper at the hotel. What did Mark do with his fish?
He decided to give them the Mrs. Gathers

12. What was Mrs. Gathers (Laurie Hadley) doing when Mark went to her place to give her the fish?
She was in the backyard brushing her hair

13. Why did Spence think that all this pretense would be better then just going in & robbing the bank?
He didn't want to take the chance of leaving a couple of them dead in the street. He also was afraid that Micah a couple dozen others in this town might recognize him

14. Where did the gang bury the preacher and his wife?
A mile up the trail

15. Why did the gang think Mark posed a problem to their plans?
Mrs. Gathers (Laurie Hadley) had long hair and earlier Mark had commented on the switch that was in her trunk

16. Dan the Preacher took Mark back to the house, what did he ask Mark?
Mark insisted that he hadn’t told Lucas anything, that he couldn't. Lucas was busy talking to Micah

17. What hymn did they sing in Church?
Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

18. Micah finally went to the doctors, what was wrong with him?
Doc Burrage told Micah his problem was from eatin' his own cookin'. He told him to try out the hotel cafe for a couple of weeks

19. Patricia Barry appeared as Adele Adams, North Fork's school teacher for two
episodes, can you name those episodes?
The WomanThree Legged Terror

20. John Milford appeared as Bro Hadley in this episode A Time for Singing. How many episodes has he appeared in?
11The AssailantsThe Journey Back The Clarence Bibs StoryDark Day at North Fork Baranca The PitchmanMeeting at MidnightA Time for SingingThe Horse TradersThe CowardThe Blowout

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