The Rifleman
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The Deserter — episode 65

1.  What was Lucas doing when he heard a noise outside?
Reading his Bible

2.  What was the noise he heard?
A young wounded solider

3.  What did the soldier want?
A horse

4.  Where was the soldier's wound?
In his chest

5.  How did Lucas know that his name was Ben?
His name was written inside a small Bible that was inside his jacket

6.  Who else came to the McCain Ranch that night?
Lt. Rolfe & his men

7.  How did they know Ben was there?
They found his horse a mile up the road and he had gone lame and they found Ben’s rifle in Lucas' yard

8.  What were the charges against Ben?
He was charged with stealing water

9.  Why did the Major put the troops on half rations?
This was an exercise to prepare the troops for the desert

10. Where was Mark going to go fishing at?
Valley Lake

11. The Major set up headquarters in the hotel, why did they stop in North Fork?
To restock supplies

12. What previsions did the Major do to help this sick soldier?
Nothing. He was locked in jail with only bread and water and was not allowed to see Doc Burrage

13. Why Micah told the Major that he had no say over Lucas or anyone else in North Fork, what did the Major threaten to do?
Declare marshal law

14. What was the punishment for the guard not stopping Lucas from getting in the jail?
He had to walk the street in the hot sun for four hours

15. The Major asked Lucas if he was in the Army. What did Lucas tell him?
Bull Run and the Battle of Five Forks / A Lieutenant

16. After Lucas left the saloon, he started to leave town when a guard suddenly collapse from heat exhaustion. Micah went over to and helped the soldier by giving him a drink from his canteen. What did the Major and Lieutenant do to help the soldier?
They stood by and watched the whole thing

17. The Lieutenant was order to place Lucas under arrest, what were the charges?
Aiding and abetting a fugitive and obstructing the enforcement of military law / Military regulations forbid unauthorized communications

18. Where was Lucas supposed to be sent for trial?
Garrison at Santa Fe

19. General Bradshaw had sent a telegram, recalling the Major to where?
Santa Fe

20. Mark made a comment. "He sure is something, isn't he Pa? Just the sorta officer I wanna be." Who was Mark referring to?
Lt. Paul Rolfe

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