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The Vision
— episode 66

1.  What was Mark doing while Lucas was getting ready to go out of town?

2.  Mark was not a happy camper. What was it that Hattie had on order for Mark since last winter?

3.  Lucas told Mark they didn't have money for a new saddle right now. What was Lucas buying with the money they had saved?

4.  What did Mark do that first upset Lucas?

5.  How old was Mark when his mother died?

6.  Who were the McCain's supposed to meet at the crossings?

7.  How much did Lucas pay for the seed bull?

8.  was the bulls registered name?

9.  Lucas went to find Andrews and told Mark not to leave the came, but he didn't listen, where did he go?

10. Hazel sang two songs in this episode, what was the name of them?

11. Which one of these songs was written especially for this episode?

12. Hazel stopped singing when she saw Mark in the background. What did she offer him?

13. What did Hazel put on Mark's jacket?

14. How did they know Mark was becoming delirious?

15. Who did Nils recommend Lucas get to help Mark?

16. Nils wrote a letter and told Pedro to go get the doctor. Where did he tell him he could find him?

17. While delirious, what was Mark's vision?

18. Dr. Hennekin told Lucas that nearly every disease has it’s characteristic odor, what did he tell Lucas was wrong with Mark?

19. Lucas was relieved, Mark came back to him. Mark asked Lucas if he was any trouble. What did else did he ask Lucas?

20. Was Johnny really sick when he played this part in The Vision?

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