The Rifleman
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Lariat — episode 67

1.  What is Mark eating in the opening scene?
A bag of licorice

2.  Why does Sweeney go to the bank?
To get change for a $500 bill

3.  Who is fleecing a stranger?
Col. Craig is fleecing Lariat Jones

4.  What does Lucas tell the colonel they do to card sharks?
They shoot card sharks in this part of the country

5.  What does Lucas tell Lariat he needs?
Some bachelor cookin'

6.  How dose Lucas & Lariat know each other?
Friends from the past - As Lucas would say: Closest friend he ever had

7.  How big was Mark the last time Lariat saw him?
Knee high to a spotted colt

8.  When Lariat first sees Mark, what does he tell Lucas?
He’s the image of Margaret

9.  How did Lariat know Margaret?
Lariat & Lucas were in love with her at the same time

10. How many cowboy's other then Lucas also cared for Margaret?
Reef Jackson, episode #162 End of the HuntTom Birch, episode #25 One Went to Denver ― Lariat Jones,  episode #67 Lariat

11. What made Mark drop the pan he was drying?
Lariat surprised him when he suddenly pulled a card out of his sleeve

12. What is the phrase used as a warning signal between Lucas and Lariat?
A Witches’ Brew

13. What is the name of Lariat’s Casino?
Silver Dice Saloon

14. What happened to Wymerman in Abilene?
They were run out of town for running a crooked house

15. It’s the end of the month, who was expected in town on Saturday?
Morody and the Bar Q boys with their cattle money

16. How did Lucas know there was trouble brewing in the casino?
When Lucas asked Lariat how it was going Lariat answered: “Like a witch’s brew”

17. It was time for Lariat to move on. Where was he going next?

18. Why didn’t Lucas and Mark eat at the hotel?
Mark caught fish for dinner

19. Richard Anderson has appeared in 6 episodes of The Rifleman. How many
episodes can you name?
One Went to Denver LariatMiss BertieFlowers by the DoorThe BulletMillie's Brother

20. What two TV Series does he play the same character and is he best known for
this role?
Oscar Goldman on the Six Million ManThe Bionic Woman

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