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Smoke Screen — episode 68

1.  In the opening scene Mark is at the reins of the buckboard. Marge Crandell came racing by, Mark turned to wave to Marge and the horses started going off the road, what did Lucas do?
Lucas took the reins

2.  Marge had ran into another rider and the horse threw her. She laid on the ground. Lucas & Mark went to see how Marge was. What does Marge do?
Slaps Lucas’ face

3.  Who does Marge blame for what happened?
Doug Carter

4.  What does she call him?
Faithful bloodhound

5.  How does Marge’s father refer to her?
As a high-strung filly

6.  What was Doug's reason for wanting to quit the Crandall ranch?
He was in love with Marge

7.  When they got to the Blacksmith's there was a sign on the door, what did it say?
Back in 10 minutes. Gone for a beer

8.  When Lucas went into the saloon, Nels was talking with Fred Tate & a drummer, by the name of Roger Quenton about women, what does Tate say about Marge?
She’s not all bustles and corsets

9.  Why did Lucas need to see Nels?
He had a plow and some wheel rims that need fixing

10. What does Lucas tell Nels is easier to come by?
Sweat is easier to come by than cash

11. What does Marks friend have that he wants to share with Mark?
A cigar

12. Lucas was helping Nels when Nels realized he left something out back. What was it?
His shaping anvil

13. Lucas told Nels he would go and get it, what did he find?
Marge’s boots, then her body. Marge was strangled and robbed.

14. While searching the area, what did Lucas find?
A cigar butt

15. Micah knew Quenton smoked this kind of cigar so he went to ask him some questions. What did he want Micah to do for him?
He wanted Micah to help him get out of town

16. When Lucas finds Mark what does Mark tell him?
That he and Howey smoked a cigar behind the Blacksmith's and that he felt sick

17. What did Quenton say that later gave him away?
“Why should I steal? You think I wanted her jewelry or a couple of ten dollar gold eagles?"

18. What did Nels find in his slag heap?
It was Marge's things - Two rings, bracelet, and two ten dollar gold eagles

19. What is Mark’s resolution when Lucas offers him a fresh cigar?
To never smoke again as long as he lives

20. Paul Carr appeared in Smoke Screen as Doug Carter. He was in three other episodes, can you name them?
The WomanLetter of the LawShivaree

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