The Rifleman
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Shotgun Man
— episode 69

1.  Just out of prison, John Beaumont heads to an old rundown house to get something he had hidden before he went to prison. What did he have hidden in the stove?

2.  What prison was Beaumont in?

3.  Mark was on his way into town to meet when he came across a stranger on his knees, what was he looking for?

4.  Beaumont told Mark not to chatter so much, what did he call Mark?

5.  Why did Beaumont go to see the Micah?

6.  Why had Lucas stopped by to see Micah?

7.  Mark had picked up the mail. There was one letter, no postmark, what did the letter say?

8.  Where was Lucas once a deputy?

9.  Lucas ask Eddie if he had any strangers check into the hotel, who were they?

10. Why was Gus in town?

11. What did Beaumont do to Gus?

12. What made Lucas think it was Beaumont that was after him?

13. Mark reminded Beaumont about finding his glasses and that Beaumont told him he always pays his debt. What was it that Mark wanted in return?

14. Why did Beaumont have it out for Lucas?

15. What was Beaumont's real name?

16. Johnny tried to shot Lucas but Lucas ended up shooting him. What did Beaumont tell Lucas?

17. Lucas was headed for the harness shop, he told Mark to go to Hattie's for what?

18. What did Lucas tell Mark a man must do?

19. John Anderson played Owny in The Retired Gun. How many times did he appear on The Rifleman? How many episodes can you name?

20. Jack Elam was in five other episodes of The Rifleman, can you name them?

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