The Rifleman
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Duel of Honor
— episode 7

1. What is the name Count Alfredo Di Montova told Lucas to call him?

2. Why was Lucas filling in for Micah?
Micah had hurt his ankle

3. When Groder first saw Freddie, he said to Gilkey....."I got the D T's" — What was Groder referring
He was being funny and meant he was falling in love 'or' he thought he was hallucinating

4. What was the room number for Freddie?

5. Freddie order Pernod Liqueur, which Sweeney didn't have, what did Freddie order instead?

6. What does Freddie do to challenge Groder to a duel?
Freddie slaps Groder across the face with his gloves

7. Where does the duel take place and what time of day?
Outside of town and at dawn

8. Who gets off the first shot in the duel?

9. What is the name Groder calls Freddie?
Fancy Pants

10. When Freddie looked at the menu, he wasn't familiar what was on it. When he asked for a
recommendation from the menu, what does Mark recommend?
"Try the cherry pie, it's great!"

11. Why was Freddie traveling out west?
He was looking for land to buy

12. As the count is getting ready to go to the Duel, Mark wishes him good luck and what else does he
tell him?
"Good luck Count.....I know you'll win!"

13. Freddie gave Lucas a dueling pistol as a sign of what?
A sign of his friendship

14. Cesare Danova played Count Alfredo Di Marcosini Montova in Duel of Honor, he also starred in
two other episodes of The Rifleman, can you name them?
The Guest — Baranca

15. Cesare Danova guest starred in another TV Show with Chuck Connors, can you name it?
 Arrest & Trial / Birds of a Feather (1964) as Frederico DeMarco

16. Jack Elam was in five other episodes of The Rifleman, can you name the?
Tension — Duel of Honor — Shattered Idol — Knight Errant — Shotgun Man

17. Jack Elam & Chuck Connors appeared in two westerns movies, can you name them?
Once upon a Texas Train with Chuck (1988) Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)

18. John Dierkes played Nels/Blacksmith in this episode and also in another episode, can you name that
The Sister

19. Although we have heard Sweeney called by first name a few times, in this episode Groder calls Sweeney by his first name, what was it?

20. There is another episode we hear Sweeney called by his first name. What is the episode and what name is Sweeney first name in this episode?
Seven ― 'Bill' is the name his wife May calls him

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