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Sins of the Father — episode 70

1.  Who is Andy Moon?
A gunfighter, hired out during the border wars. Killed 6 or 7 men.

2.  Why did Moon get left out of prison early?
He had received a special pardon

3.  Why was a vigilante group after Moon now?
For killing Shep Coleman

4.  Why did Moon kill Coleman?
Shep kept pushing Moon, he wanted to make a name for himself

5.  Who did the vigilantes consist of?
The two Coleman Brothers, Rafe and Tom

6.  Why did Moon stay and face trial?
He was afraid of the Coleman's. He could stay and get shot down, or strung up by a town that was too afraid to give me a fair trial, or leave his boy alone with the name Moon hung around his neck

7.  Lucas was working on his books, Mark was finishing up the dishes. What was Mark talking about?
About Jays Gordon's birthday party - lots of games and lots of ice cream

8.  What present did Mark want to get Jay?
A hunting knife

9. Mark agreed to buy Jay something less expensive. What would he do to make it an extra nice gift?
Wrap it in some sort of fancy paper

10. Lucas & Mark hear a knock on the door, who was it?
Moon's boy, Bobby

11. After Lucas got moon into bed he wanted to roll Moon over, why?
He wanted to see if the bullet had gone all the way through

12. Why didn't Moon tell his son the real reason he couldn't go fishing with Mark?
Because if he told him, then he’d have to start explaining why he killed young Coleman. Bobby didn’t know about his father

13. Why did they a black cloth tied around the top of their arms?
They said they were their badges

14. Why did Lucas stop by Micah's office?
To tell him about Andy moon and that he thought he could get him to turn himself in

15. What was Moon going to do with Bobby when he turned himself in?
Lucas told him he could stay there with him & Mark

16. Lucas told Bobby that he belonged with his father, what did Bobby say about his father?
"He's not my father. He's a killer, he's Andy Moon. I know because they told me. He shot people in the back. I hate him, I hate him".

17. Andy was done running, before he could turn himself in who came barging in at the ranch?
Rafe and Tom, the Coleman Brother's

18. In the scuffle, who got shot?
Both of the Coleman's

19. What famous commercial did Fred / Dick Wilson do and what was his name??
Charmin' commercial / Mr. Whipple

20. What line to this commercial was he famous for?
Please don't squeeze the Charmin'

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