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The Prodigal — episode 71

1.  Lucas & Mark were in town for supplies. Hattie had Mark try on a coat which she stated was the latest fashion, where was the coat from?
New Orleans

2.  Hattie introduced Lucas to Havecourt, a refined gentleman of taste and discrimination. What was his real name?
Billy St. John

3.  What was Havecourt's opinion of this coat?

4.  Havecourt opened a letter Hattie gave him, the letter said that his mother was stopping by North Fork on her way to where?
San Francisco to live with his aunt and because of her health

5.  Luis, Havecourt's companion was anxious to leave town and continue on their way, why?
Earlier the two of them robbed four men

6.  Now there were only three men left, what happened to the one member of the gang?
He was killed by Havecourt / Billy St. John

7.  Although we never knew the name of cowboy that got killed, who played him?
Joe Benson

8.  What lie had Havecourt written his mother?
He told her he had a son named Peter and a ranch, and a wife who had passed away

9.  Why did Lucas agree to play along?
He threatened Mark

10. Lucas explained the situation to Mark and told him about his agreement with Havecourt. What did Lucas ask Mark to do?
He told Mark to play act. He told him that he never knew his own grandmother and this was his chance to have a grandmother if only for a short while

11.What did Mrs. Havecourt make for supper?
Fried chicken and dumplings

12. What did Mrs. Havecourt bring Mark for a bedtime snack?
A glass of warm milk

13. What happened to Mrs. Havecourt as she was saying her goodbyes?
She fainted

14. Who went for the doctor?
Mark & Luis

15. What was wrong with Mrs. Havecourt?
Her lungs were beginning to fill up and she hadn't more then an hour to live

16. What did Mark do when he heard the news?
He cried

17. Mrs. Havecourt hear them calling Billy St. John, she was concerned that he was there. What was she told and who told her?
Lucas told her that he was Billy St. John

18. After this was all over Lucas went into see Mrs. Havecourt, what did she whisper to him?
"When William returns, tell him I decided not to go on to California after all. I'm going to stay here with him…and my grandson"

19. Lee Van Cleef played Dan Maury in this episode of The Prodigal. He was in a total of four episodes, can you name the other three episodes?
The Deadly WaitThe ProdigalThe Clarence Bibs StoryDeath Never Rides Alone

20. Warren Oates played Santos in this episode of The Prodigal, what other three episodes was he in?
BloodlinesThe MarshalDay of Reckoning

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