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 The Jailbird — episode 73

1.  When Farley arrived in town, who was he looking for?
His wife, Bessie Weaver

2.  How long had Farley and Bessie been married?
10 years

3.  When Lucas went to the Hardware store for fencing supplies, Eli Manse was there. What did Eli want to buy?
A rifle

4.  What did Lucas do to help Farley out?
Gave him a job at the ranch

5.  When they were doing the fence repairs they needed more wire. Why did Lucas send Farley to town instead of Mark?
Lucas wanted Farley to start acting like a free man.

6.  When Farley went to town the second time, what did Bessie feed him?
A piece of apple pie

7.  When the hardware store told Farley they did not have any more wire, what did Farley do?
He went to the Manse ranch to see if he could get some of their wire

8.  What did Farley find when he went to the ranch?
Eli had a fight with his Pa and now Mr. Manse was dead in the yard

9.  What did Eli do after he killed his Pa?
He stole the money from the house

10. Where did Farley go after finding Mr Manse dead?
He returned to where Lucas and Mark was working and told them about finding Mr. Manse

11. Why did Micah lock Farley up?
Eli made a charge against Farley that he killed his Pa

12. What mistake did Eli make that tilted the guilt towards him?
Eli went to the Hardware store and purchased the rifle and was showing the rifle around town.

13. How much did the rifle cost?

14. How did Lucas trick Eli into proving his guilt?
Lucas told Eli that there was more money at the house and the killer did not find it

15. What mistake did Eli do then?
Eli returned to the house to look for the money and Lucas was waiting for him.

16. Dabbs Greer was in several episodes. Can you name them?
He has appeared in The Rifleman eight times ― Outlaw's Inheritance as Marcus Trimble, the lawyer from Santa Fe ― Boomerang as Sam Elder, the elderly gentleman who was about to loose his ranch ― Panic as Brett, the towns trouble maker ― The Jailbird as Farley Weaver, the man just released from prison ― The Promoter as Jack Scully, the man who was taking bets on Reuben Miles ― The Wyoming Story (1 & 2) as Finny ― The Stand-In as Taylor, one of the prison guards

17. Who played the part of Bessie?
Molly Dodd played Bessie Steel Weaver

18. Who played the part of Eli?
Charles Briggs

19. What other episodes was Charles Briggs in?
Short Rope for a Tall Man as well as The Jailbird

20. What other kinds of pie do we see in the episodes?
Cherry, apple of course and chocolate

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