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 The Jailbird — episode 73

1.  When Farley arrived in town, who was he looking for?

2.  How long had Farley and Bessie been married?

3.  When Lucas went to the Hardware store for fencing supplies, Eli Manse was there. What did Eli want to buy?

4.  What did Lucas do to help Farley out?

5.  When they were doing the fence repairs they needed more wire. Why did Lucas send Farley to town instead of Mark?

6.  When Farley went to town the second time, what did Bessie feed him?

7.  When the hardware store told Farley they did not have any more wire, what did Farley do?

8.  What did Farley find when he went to the ranch?

9.  What did Eli do after he killed his Pa?

10. Where did Farley go after finding Mr Manse dead?

11. Why did Micah lock Farley up?

12. What mistake did Eli make that tilted the guilt towards him?

13. How much did the rifle cost?

14. How did Lucas trick Eli into proving his guilt?

15. What mistake did Eli do then?

16. Dabbs Greer was in several episodes. Can you name them?

17. Who played the part of Bessie?

18. Who played the part of Eli?

19. What other episodes was Charles Briggs in?

20. What other kinds of pie do we see in the episodes?

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