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Meeting at Midnight — episode 74

1.  The three men on horses outside of town, what were they planning?

2.  Back at the ranch as Lucas was doing the dishes, what was Mark doing?

3.  What was the name of the poem?

4.  Mark commented he wanted to be a writer. What did he want to be the previous week?

5.  When Lucas and Mark went into town, they invited Micah to supper. Why was Micah unable to come to dinner?

6.  What was the work Mark wanted to know the meaning of?

7.  Who did Lucas recognize in town?

8.  Tom Benton ended up in jail for shooting up the saloon. Why was he really in jail?

9.  After Lucas Bailed Tom out of jail, how did Tom get back into jail?

10. How did two of the guys overtake Lucas?

11. When Benton’s mission was completed what did he do?

12. What did Mark do at dinner?

13. What was Benton’s response to Marks poem?

14. What office did Benton have to report back to?

15. What famous writer did Benton mention to Mark?

16. What was one reason Mark wanted to be a writer?

17. Lucas also told Mark about a fellow in St. Louis who was a writer who did not travel. What kind of writer was he?

18. Claude Akins was Tom Benton. What other episodes was he in?

19. Chuck and Claude was in a famous western fight. Do you know the name of it?

20. Frank DeKova was the man in jail waiting for someone to break him out. What other episode was he in?

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