The  Rifleman
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— episode 75

1.  Who does Nora ask for when she gets off the stage?

2.  How does Nora know Lucas?

3.  Was there a romantic link between Nora and Lucas?

4.  Why was Nora in town?

5.  When Mark ran into Nora in town what did he say?

6.  What did Mark ask Lucas about Nora?

7.  What did Mark wand Lucas and Nora to do after dinner?

8.  What happened on their walk?

9.  When Nora was in town, what was her scheme involving Lucas?

10. Who did Nora give the note to?

11. What extra something did Nora do to Mark?

12. When Lucas went to meet Nora, who else was with her?

13. What scheme did Nora have?

14. What did Lucas do finding this scene?

15. What did Nora do?

16. Nora said the shooting was an accident. What did Lucas say?

17. That evening what was Marks response to what had happened?

18. What was Lucas and Mark planning on doing the next day?

19. Who played the part of Nora?

20. What is some of the information regarding Julie Adams?

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