The  Rifleman
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The Hangman — episode 76

1.  Why was Mr. Muchen shot?
For his money hidden in the fireplace

2.  Who found Mr. Muchen?
Volney Adams

3.  Why did Lucas and Mark go to the Muchen ranch the next day?
To take some barley seed

4.  When Lucas saw Volney there, what was some of the signs he could have done the crime?
Blood on his fingers and his nails were torn

5.  There was a drummer in town. What was he selling?

6.  What was the towns hangman’s name?
Harold Tanner

7.  Micah had to put Volney in jail. Who took him food?
Ellie Aikens

8.  Back at the ranch when Mark was washing his hair what happened?
The pump quit working and Mark was unable to rinse the soap off

9.  In jail Volney asked Ellie what was all the hammering he heard. What did she say?
Ellie said they were repairing the hotel roof

10. What was the Drummers name?

11. When Lucas saw Tanner building the gallows, what did Lucas say?
It was too hot for him to be wearing a heavy shirt

12. Where was Lucas going to meet Mark in town after Mark got out of school?

13. Who was sweeping the porch of the Feed and Grain store?

14. How many months does the Drummer Simms live in North Fork?
Only 6 months a year

15. What did Lucas question Harold about at the gallows?
Wearing a heavy shirt in that heat

16. What did Lucas find on Harold?
Under his shirt sleeve he had scratches on his arm

17. Why did Harold kill Mr. Muchen?
For the money. He had he had been a hangman all his life and people did not like to talk to him

18. What did Harold plead with Lucas?
“Don’t let them hang me”

19. Denver Pyle played Harold. What other episodes was he in?  What other TV series was he in?
Denver Pyle appeared in five episodesBloodlines as Henry Trumble, he was the one that the Malakie clan mistakenly killed, they thought he was Lucas ― The Legacy as Seth Mitchell, he was the Pa of the two young men that was accused of killing Pa Simons ― The Clarence Bibs Story as George Tanner the gunfighter who came to North Fork to find out what happened to his partner Pretty Man Longden ― The Decision as Frank Hazlitt, he was the dude who threaten Lucas because he was going to testify against his son ― The Hangman as Harold Tanner
Denver Pyle was also known as Uncle Jesse in Dukes of Hazzard

20. Whit Bissell played Volney. What other episodes was he in?
Whit Bissell appeared in four episodesThe Patsy as Sam Barrows the Barber, the man who Sully Hobbs and his gang were terrorizing ― The Fourflusher as Gabe Fenway, the sharecropper for local landlord Preston, who plans to run his quarter horse Sapphire in a local horse race ― The Hangman as Volney Adams ― Long Gun from Tucson as Henry Waller, the Gunsmith who was scared to face Holliver and his men.

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